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 Name  Gender Age  Religion Occupation  Country  Disability
Male 28 Jain Factory worker India Deaf / Hearing Impaired
Male 58 Jain Business Person india Deaf / Hearing Impaired
Male 27 Muslim Engineer india Deaf / Hearing Impaired
Male 38 Hindu Designer india Deaf / Hearing Impaired
Male 30 Hindu Company Secretary India Deaf / Hearing Impaired

Nav Vani Matrimonial Service is a free service exclusively meant for the Persons with Disability: Blind (Visually Impaired), Deaf (Hearing Impaired) & Hard of Hearing adults who are above 18 years.

This site does not pre-screen its members, therefore it is neither responsible   for any erroneous / false information provided by its members nor is it accountable for any consequences arising from interactions among the members.   Any information provided by its members is available for public view.  Nav Vani reserves the right to deactivate any member from its active membership.

Note: This web site, “Nav Vani Matrimonial’ is an extension of services provided by Nav Vani School for the Deaf. Nav Vani renders its services to the Deaf students and adults. It  works and hopes for the bright future of the Deaf  & Hard of Hearing Students. For further details please visit our website http://navvani.in.