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aggregate crushing value as per is 383 1970

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risk and cost of the contractor or Department may accept the work as sub-standard, and cost be adjusted from the outstanding security deposit, as per the terms and conditions of the contract for the work. xii). The Chief ... 383-1970. Coarse and fine aggregates from natural sources for concrete. ...... crushing strength. Field /...

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stability and safety as per structural features of shelter were completely out of mind. .... Table 1 depicts the crushing strength values of individual block and brick units. .... IS 383-1970, Specifiion for Coarse and fine aggregates from Natural...

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the fine aggregate, play a very important role for imparting better properties of concrete in its ... It is manufactured in a central plant by crushing stone ... Corresponds to recommended grading as per IS 383/1970. Table 2. .... values of compressive strength obtained on the 7th day and 28th day and the calculated values of.

IS 383 (1970): Specifiion for Cose and Fine

Sep 25, 1970 ... IS 383 (1970): Specifiion for Coarse and Fine Aggregates. From Natural .... aggregate abrasion value and soundness test for aggregates.

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low crushing values will not be crushed as easily as the stone aggregates. ... as per the Indian standards and the values are tabulated in Table II [2], [3]. It shows .... [7] IS: 383-1970, Specifiion for coarse and fine aggregate, Bureau of Indian...

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May 23, 2013 ... AGGREGATE TESTING Types of Aggregate Fine Aggregate Coarse Aggregate Standards Followed: IS: 383-1970, IS: 2386. Parameters: Sieve Analysis, Impact Value, Soundness, Crushing Value, ... Tests as per IS 2645. 10.

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Feb 8, 2012 ... 10 Aggregate Crushing Value TestINTRODUCTION The principal ... Similarly, the other two parts of thetest specimen are added, each .... Fine Aggregates from Natural Sources for concrete, IS : 383 Indian ... Standard Specifiion and Code of Practice for Construction of Concrete Roads, IRC: 15, 1970,...

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Natural sand (IS383-1970) ... Based on the aggregate crushing value and impact value, the fly ash aggregate obtained from the ratio 15:85 was finalized. ... Mix design for M 30 Grade concrete was done by using IS method as per IS 10262-.

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Aggregate Crushing Value as per IS:2386 (Part IV) - 1963. The ratio of the weight of ... Fine aggregates shall conform to IS: 383 - 1970. Water. Water used for...

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Value. 3.00. 97.80. 1hr 04min. 9hr 23min. 54.18 N/mm2. Fine Aggregate. Clean River ... The properties are tested as per IS 383:1970 [7]. ... Crushing value. %.


IS : 383-1970 - Specifiion for coarse & fine aggregate from natural source for ..... volume of coarse aggregate per unit volume of concrete; the ratio of the solid volume of coarse ..... Crushing value. shall not exceed 45% shall not exceed 30%.

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May 28, 2013 ... Coarse Aggregate : 180 Kg. (20 mm)180 Kg. (10 mm); 11STEPS ... Particulars of Test Result SpecifiionsAs per IS: 383-19701 Crushing Value in % 28 ... AGGREGATE:Sievesize(mm)IS:383-1970Specifiions(Graded)%...

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Sep 8, 2011 ... The aggregates for solid blocks shall be sand as per IS : 383-1970 and .... 7, 15 cm dia aggregate crushing value apparatus as per IS : 2386...

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The aggregate crushing value, when determined in accordance with IS: 2386 .... of Zone-II (in most of the cases) as per IS 383-1970 (Reaffirmed in 2007) and...

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A increasing gap between supply and demand of natural fresh aggregate for the production of ... were natural sand of zone-III as per IS 383-1970(2). ... molded bricks by crushing, first using a 1000KN compression testing ... Value specified as.

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The concrete fragments may be reused as aggregate after processing them and ... Crushing Value ... sign is done as per BIS 383-1970 & BIS 10262-1982, and.

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Sep 25, 1970 ... aggregates, aggregate abrasion value and soundness test for ... according to the grading characteristics of the fine aggregates used; the.

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As per IS : 383-19702, fine aggregate (natural river sand) and aggregate ..... Determination of Aggregate Abrasion Value by use of the Deval Machine: ... Note:- Refer IS: 383-1970 table 2 and 3 for the sizes of sieves to be used in the sieving of...

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Aggregate Crushing Value. Lab. ... 10 mm to 16 mm both inclusive 1 sample from each lot or 35 Tonnes or part ..... REFERENCE : IS 1607-1960/IS : 383 – 1970.

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and Zone- III (dotted line) as per IS: 383-. 1970. Coarse Aggregate: The present study discuss about grain size distribution, impact and crushing value of 50.


to excessive cost of transportation from ... per IS 383-1970 was used in this ... Crushing value and impact value of different proportion of fly ash aggregates.

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Sep 25, 1970 ... IS:383-1970. ( Continued ... aggregate abrasion value and soundness test for aggregates have been ... according to the grading characteristics.

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Los Angeles Abrasion Test value as per I.S: 2386 part -4 V. Flakiness as ... Fine Aggregate (Sand) • Gradation IS: 383 -1970 • Silt content and Fineness...

Is 383 Specifiion for Cose and Fine Aggregates From Nat

May 30, 2011 ... DATT SHRI C. New Delhi SRRI K.IS:383-1970 (Continued from paxe 1) ... aggregate abrasion value and soundness test for aggregates have been ... from Grading Zone I The fine aggregates within each of to Grading Zone IV...

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Key words: manufactured sand, fine aggregate, concrete, compressive strength, workability. INTRODUCTION. With the ... As per reports, manufactured ... sand has been defined well in IS 383-1970,under clause 2.0. ... improved abrasion resistance, and higher unit weight and .... The aggregate values shall not exceed 10%.

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The test method used here is as per IS:2386 (P-4)1963. ... This is value indiing ability of n aggregate for resisting crushing; Lower this figure, stronger is the aggregate ... Test Method: IS: 2386 (P-1) 1963, ASTM C136-2006, IS: 383-1970

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30+ items - This page is about aggregate crushing value limits, click here to...

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The Aggregate Crushing Value offers a related measure of the resistance of an average to ... Test Method: IS: 2386 (P-1) 1963, ASTM C136-2006, IS: 383-1970...

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Per test. Quantity of samples required. A AGGREGATE (COARSE & FINE). 1 Sieve Analysis (dry)/Fineness Modulus. IS 2386 : Part I – 1963,IS 383 –. 1970, MORTH – 4th Revision,. 2001. 490.00 ... 5 Crushing Value/ 10% Fine Value. 730.00.

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Coarse / Fine Aggregate: - We offer entire testingas per IS: 383/1970, IS: 2386, ... Aggregate impact; Aggregate Crushing Value App. Loss Angles Abrasion Test...


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